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The Loy's make their move - and it's a reallllly big move!

Movin’ On Up with the Loy Family: Prep, Stage, Sell, Celebrate!

What happens when you move a family of 4, a handsome cat named Toby, and 12 years of ‘stuff’? It’s a realllllly big move! Tune in as the Loy Family takes us through the process from start to finish: the good, the bad, the ugly. ... Continue

Viviane's first time condo buyer "tell all".

Viviane Tells All: What You Want To Know About Buying Downtown

Viviane, a first-time buyer, shares her learnings and experience. Viviane is driven by her career, family and friendships. She knew it was time to align her work and lifestyle and that buying a condo downtown was the way to go. With thoughts of walking or ... Continue

Buying a condo takes a team!

Megan Buys Her Condo – Oh The Challenges!

Getting the deal done? Listen in and hear from Megan just how important your “team of experts” really is when buying real estate. Having worked with Megan to sell her condo a year earlier we had time to talk and really look at what her ... Continue

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Joelle and Youssef: First Time Listing

When you’ve been living the downtown condo life and want to move, where do you start? How do you make it all happen? Listen in as Joelle and Youssef talk about their first condo listing experience!

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Joelle and Youssef: First Time Home Buyers

Originally from Montreal and living the downtown condo life, Joelle and Youssef were ready to purchase their first home. But where? What was the process? Listen in as they share their first-time home buyer experience from start to “we move in next week”.

Selling a condo during a separation isn't easy. It's never about 4 walls. It's about helping two people ease through a difficult time.

Megan’s Split Decision: Sell The Condo

Two people. Two people trying to work through a separation and selling their condo. Not easy…. But, we did it and we even had some fun along the way. Tune is as Megan talks about the process from pre-sales meetings with paperless “paperwork”, prepping, and ... Continue

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Kids and Moving: The Loy Boyz Tell All

Ever wonder what it’s like for kids to move from the only home they’ve ever known? Tune in as Ethan and Ryan give us the scoop on the trials and tribulations of getting their house ready to sell …and getting it sold. From the mouths ... Continue


Debbie, Michael and Snoop Dog: 10 Days of “Wow!”

Ever fall in love with the idea of finding the perfect place and get your own home sold without having to live through months and months of, well, hell? Debbie and  Michael give us a quick peak into what it feels like. Oh, and Snoop ... Continue


Andy Kovacs Testimonial: Buying and Selling Whirlwind

Andy, Sherri and their two kids were living in The Beach and had a dream to move closer to Sherri’s parents some day. Little did they know that we would find and negotiate their dream home in a bidding war the same day (so many ... Continue

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