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Should I Sell My Home In The Winter

Yes. We’re having the winter from hell. I don’t remember having ‘snow days’ like this since the ’70’s! I liked it better when my dad shovelled by the way! So, you live in Toronto and want to sell your home! Should you sell your home ... Continue


Staging and Open Houses

Open House Program No other real estate company is as committed to Open Houses. We will be happy to tell you about everything that goes into making the most of an Open House – from actively attracting attention beforehand to providing more assistance to everyone ... Continue

Toronto pre-build condo construction

The Benefits of Pricing Right

  Pricing your home to sell for top dollar is a strategic initiative. The benefits of pricing right are as follows: Your property sells faster because it is exposed to more qualified buyers. Your home doesn’t lose its “marketability”. The closer to market value, the ... Continue


Selling Your Property: What It Takes To Get Your Home Sold

Getting to Know Your Market Regardless of the size and scope of your property, we handle each listing with the utmost care and consideration. It is not simply about representing the property, but about representing the people who put their trust in us. There are ... Continue

Inspectors will talk with you about plants near your foundation. When selling your home ensure your plants are healthy and look their best.

Before the Photographer Arrives

  A well-staged, clean and clutter-free photography session can help attract potential buyers online and through other sources before they step foot in your home for the open house or make an appointment with their Realtor. We are adept at creating an emotional connection between ... Continue

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