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53 Colgate Avenue 201 Toronto-large-008-Main Living Area-1500x1000-72dpiI met with a client yesterday who is considering replacing her main floor flooring before she lists her home – it is a combination of wood and granite – and she’s always hated the granite.

If you’re thinking about selling your Toronto home or updating your main, upstairs or basement flooring for better “wear and tear” or pure aesthetic pleasure, here are 4 great articles by John Bleasby for Canadian Contractor called

“Flooring options beyond Hardwood”

  1.  Is hardwood really your best choice after you’ve ripped out those stained, smelly carpets? 
  2.  A look at bamboo flooring, which can be harder than oak, significantly less expensive than engineered wood or solid hardwood – and a terrific option.
  3.  Cork has its many pro’s but some con’s. Care must be taken that it is used in appropriate locations. And, note the different patterns available.
  4. With the ability to be coloured, textured or polished, maybe it’s time to re-visit the idea of residential concrete floors

Watch out for false eco certificates and low-VOC claims on flooring boxes!

PS Do your floors slope? If you’re going to open houses and the floors slope check this and determine if it is structural or just part of an older home’s charm.

PPS  If you are prepping your Toronto home for sale, ensure you fix flooring scratches and do the following to get top dollar!
While out house hunting be sure to check flooring! On your final Purchaser Visit you’ll want to inspect the floors and all of these other things.

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