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Mortgage Calculator This calculator is for demonstration purposes only. The Canadian Real Estate Association does not guarantee that all calculations are accurate. Always consult a professional financial advisor before making personal financial decisions. Land Tranfer Tax Calculator Find Government Programs Click here to discover if ... Continue


Once You’ve Moved In Checklist

Once you’ve settled into your new home, you may start seeing things you’d like to change or repair Maintenance, repair and renovations are a normal part of homeownership. Especially when you’ve just purchased a new home.  One of the best things you can do is ... Continue

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“Thou Shalt Not” 10 Commandments When Buying a Property

  Below please find the “10 Commandments” of real estate for Buyers who have purchased and are awaiting their closing date. We offer these a rules to live by as we want to ensure that you don’t accidentally thwart your final loan approvals prior to ... Continue


5 Tips to Buying A Property

   Think about and put into place these ideas as you search for your new home. These tips are here to help you save time, money and headaches.   Get pre-qualified for a mortgage before you can seriously consider purchasing a home, know exactly how ... Continue


First-Time Home Buyers Government Programs

There are several ways for First-time home buyers to help themselves finance their new purchase. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation CMHC The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation helps Buyers by providing mortgage loan insurance so a Buyer can buy a home sooner and with as ... Continue


First-Time Home Buyers Tips

Single First-Time Buyers Townhouses and condominiums where some or all of the exterior maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, etc. is handled by the homeowner’s association may be of great benefit to you, especially if you’re lifestyle has you working full-time and/or traveling. There’s also the added ... Continue


What is “Walkscore”?

Walk Score ranks an address with a score between 0-100 (100 being the best).  Amenities within 0.4 kms of the central location are given the most points — the greater the distance, the fewer points are awarded. Places farther than 1.6 kms away are given ... Continue

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